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“Horton’s book reads like the gripping stories in a TV minisieries.”
“You won’t want to put it down!”
“An inspirational, riveting account that every law student, attorney, and citizen should read!”
“The Inspiration of Atticus Finch”
“A must read for justice advocates!”
“Fascinating look at’real world’ work of a prosecutor”
“I’ve revised my opinion that prosecutors are cold beasts that want to lock up anybody that dares cross their path. Creighton Horton paints a warm tale of his career through the justice system, peppered with blow-by-blow accounts of his investigations into some of the most notorious crimes of the late 20th century—then, incredibly, his later efforts to protect the innocent from wrongful incarceration. This is not an easy book to put down!”
Jim Hayes, Salt Lake City, UT
“What a fascinating account of what prosecutors do!  I found it riveting. It’s one of those books you don’t want to put down because it is so fun to read. I love the magazine, “The New Yorker”, because the writers are so excellent. Horton is in the same club as those writers. If you liked “Under The Banner of Heaven” by Krakauer, you will love this book.”
Bruce Callister, Lafayette, CA
“As a young prosecutor, I have found this book to be highly educational, nothing short of inspirational, and I will actively recommend it to any other young prosecutors or law students aspiring to a career in prosecution.”
Tyler Needham, Deputy Salt Lake City Prosecutor

A wonderful and thoughtful memoir.  It addresses the challenges and tensions of being a prosecutor in today’s world.  Plus it is a page turner.  Creighton’s stories keep you reading.  A must have for any one interested in the criminal justice system or who wants a good read.
Creighton’s path is a compelling one.  His memoir gives the reader a taste for the challenges, the ethics and power of a prosecutor.   Creighton tells his memoir with sensitivity.   He shows how hard decisions are made and the complexities of sensational criminal case.   The book talk about the twists and turns of many of the biggest cases to occur in Utah, many of which had national attention such as Ron Lafferty and the Singer-Swapp cases.
Creighton shows us how doing justice isn’t “throwing the book as someone” and instead walks us through the hard choices that good prosecutors have to navigate.  He touches on important topics such as mistaken identity, the trouble with polygraph tests, white collar crime, writing laws related to criminal justice and the process of screening cases, and deciding when to decline a case.   His discussion of mental illness or insanity defenses is very compelling, especially as Creighton is an expert in evaluating such defenses.   
Lastly, Creighton’s thoughts and experience with Death Penalty cases is fascinating, as is his journey becoming a proponent of the innocence movement which in part uses DNA to exonerate those who have been wrongly convicted.  Creighton’s memoir shows us through his career as a prosecutor the true meaning of justice.
Polly Samuels McLean, Park City, Utah
“I wasn’t much interested in our criminal justice system, but a friend recommended A Reluctant Prosecutor with such high praise that I was persuaded to give it a try.  I’m delighted that I did.
Mr. Horton’s book grabbed my attention with the very first pages, describing how he evolved from being a kid learning about law from movies and TV programs to becoming a highly ethical prosecutor involved in many provocative high-profile murder cases.  His well-written description of those cases is more enjoyable than the best of fictional mysteries because he clearly explains the collaborations and skirmishes that actually occur between the prosecutor, police, judge, defense attorney, and expert witnesses.   I’m sure he wrote his book for people like me, people who have little knowledge of what happens in our real justice system.
After decades of working as a prosecutor, Mr. Horton evolved into a strong advocate for improving the justice system, promoting innocence legislation, reforming insanity defense statutes, and working for victims of crime and for the wrongfully convicted.  I recommend this excellent book for everyone.”
DAVE BALDWIN, Former Major League Pitcher, Geneticist, Engineer, Author and Visual Artist 

“I couldn’t put it down.  It inspired me.  I am certain it will inspire many who find themselves drawn to the law and public service in the future.  It will have a significant impact on anyone who aspires to be a thinking person of action in his or her community.”
DAVID SCHWENDIMAN, lead prosecutor of the European Union’s Special Investigative Task Force investigating crimes against humanity in Kosovo


“Creighton Horton’s account of his life as a prosecutor is a gripping, powerful, and authentic tale that should resonate with all types of readers.  Prosecutors are supposed to be ministers of justice but, in my experience, they often fall short of that standard.  But Creighton Horton walked the walk.  He was one of the most noble prosecutors I have ever met, and his memoir is essential reading for those of us concerned with and committed to justice.”  
DANIEL S. MEDWED, author of Prosecution Complex – America’s Race to Convict and Its Impact on the Innocent, and Professor at Northeastern University School of Law


A Reluctant Prosecutor chronicles the journey of a law school graduate whom fate casts in the role of criminal prosecutor of high-profile murder cases. A consummate storyteller, Horton takes us behind the scenes in this fascinating and compelling glimpse into the everyday drama of the criminal justice system.”
JAY C. MUNNS,  Deputy City Attorney, City of Los Angeles


 “A riveting insider look at prosecutors and their surprising power for good.  Wow!”
BARBARA OAKLEY, Author of several books, including Cold-Blooded Kindness and the New York Times science bestseller A Mind for Numbers, and instructor of Learning How to Learn from Coursera, the world’s largest and most popular online course


“Creighton Horton is a natural — and national — leader among prosecutors.  His genuine interest in putting fairness, truth, and justice first resonates throughout his memoir and his life.”
KATIE MONROE, leading innocence advocate, former director of the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center, and current director of the Healing Justice Project


“I have little doubt that my and my family’s ordeal never would have occurred if the Rhode Island State Police’s single and focused investigation had landed on Creighton’s desk for review.”
SCOTT HORNOFF, former Rhode Island Police Officer, who was wrongfully convicted of murder and sent to prison in 1996, and exonerated six year later when the actual murderer came forward and confessed to the crime


“This book is a profound look at the internal work of a prosecutor driven by a passion to do justice and make the world a better place.”
MICHAEL D. WIMS, author of How to Try a Murder Case, Pretrial and Trial Guidelines for Prosecution and Defense, and former Assistant Attorney General, prosecutor, appellate defense counsel, and judge


“I interned at the Utah Attorney General’s Office when I was in law school (graduated 2005). My internship experience really ignited my desire to be a prosecutor.  Creighton was a great mentor and example of what a true prosecutor should be. This book illustrates not only the type of prosecutor he was, but what all prosecutors should aspire to.
What is great about the stories is that most people will find Creighton’s experiences truly entertaining – you don’t have to be a lawyer or prosecutor to like it.”
KEVIN BEECHAM, Deputy District Attorney for Riverside County, California


“I just got my copy of this new book by a friend and I cannot put it down!  WOW, his father’s advice was “I hope you will choose some type of work where you’ll be helping people, rather than just making money!”  What could be more meaningful than working to bring about justice?  This is a “must read” for all my friends and former colleagues.”
The author’s father, Dr. Creighton C. Horton
I alternate reading A Reluctant Prosecutor with practicing my violin. But it is much easier to put down the violin, than your book.   In fact I am reluctant to stop reading such a compelling book.  You are a great story teller, and this is a must read for society!