Reluctant Prosecutor, Front Cover, web
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As a college student unsure what he wanted to do with his life, Creighton stumbled into the student union building one night, where they were screening the movie To Kill A Mockingbird.  Inspired by the portrayal of Atticus Finch, he decided to go to law school to become a defense attorney, but after graduation his career took an unanticipated turn.
In this book, you’ll read about bombings, murders, political intrigue, public corruption, religious fanatics, imperious and eccentric judges, capital cases, con men, overreaching cops, venal public officials, and innocent people convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.  More than that, you’ll read the story of Creighton’s personal journey through the criminal justice system, with some fascinating twists and turns, striking ethical challenges, and unforgettable characters.
Throughout the book, Creighton explores aspects of the high-profile cases he prosecuted that were never publicly reported, and he delves deeply into the ethical issues surrounding justice, crime and punishment.